Sunday, 22 July 2007

Canvas City

Bought a tent today 6 person, Well there are two sleeping areas so one for me and Marie, One for the kids. We are going camping in sept for two nights. But as we had no tent and could not hire a caravan on the site it was a forced issue. We got a good deal I think so even if its an utter disaster its not cost us a fortune. Still not sure Marie will enjoy it but who knows. Kids really looking forward to it.
Youngest got Chiken Pox. She is doing well. One of Maries friends got her to breath over her three year old in the hope he gets it before school term starts again. I'm not a believer in this sort of bug spreading and am happy to let kids have MMR. But as there is no vaccine for Chicken pox its probably better to get it and get it over with when small.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Collagen Cross Linking

I need to find a link but had a photo call for this. New treatment to STOP keratoconus getting worse. Not an NHS available treatment but the principle seems good. All I need to do now is persuade my early cone patients to have this done. If the claims are true and research suggest so (Again I need to post the references) this simple treatment will stop keratoconus progressing to corneal grafts. Problem though is giving false hope that the condition will get better. All it looks like it does is stabalise. So the poor folk who struggle with RGP CL's will still struggle. But hey! they won't get worse.